Memorial University of Newfoundland-Master’s Degree (2011-04-12)
Educational Leadership and Administration, General

This program is very much geared to teachers, who do represent the vast majority of students. If you work in a non-teaching education-related career, you need to consider other universities or speak i...

Laurentian University of Sudbury-Bachelor’s Degree (2011-04-12)
Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies

It wasn't difficult to get in and caliber of fellow students was average. That said, the profs were good and most brought experience from higher ranked universities. The curriculum was quite interesti...

University of Windsor-Bachelor’s Degree (2011-04-12)
Communication and Media Studies, Other

Volunteer (if you can't get employed) at a local radio, TV, newspaper, or BDU to gain SOME experience in the communication field....

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