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EduProfiles offers Canada’s only degree-specific ratings, reviews, and reports for university applicants. We survey current university students and graduates; gather their opinions, rankings, and ratings and then pass this vital information on to individuals considering the same university programs.

In addition to offering clients access to program reviews, rankings, and ratings from current and past university students, we also produce customized guides that impart an overview of study and career trends as well as head-to-head comparisons of university programs within a given discipline, such as Business or Education. To inform our customized guides, we scrutinize and compare course calendars; examine government survey data; and interview professors, employers, and other industry experts. By combining all of this information in a consistent format, we facilitate your program comparisons, eliminating the need to visit countless websites or trying to find individual contacts willing to answer your most important questions.

Pivotal Insights
Informed Decisions

EduProfiles provides you with key data points affecting which universities you decide to apply to and ultimately which university you decide to attend. Learn what current students and graduates think about your top program choices in terms of program curriculum, program faculty, extracurricular activities, post-graduate options and more. Whether you're looking for an overview of survey findings or prefer to read individual reviews with both quantitative ratings and insightful comments, you'll find it here.

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